About Me

Hello. I'm Emily. Just another person that started a weightloss blog and let it die.
I'm satisfied with my overall figure now.

Age: 20
Height: 5'9'
SW: 155 lbs
CW: 135 lbs
GW: 140 lbs
GW2: 135 lbs
UGW: Probably one of the above. I'll see when I get there.

I haven't lost a ridiculous amount but I'm finally comfortable with how I look.
There aren't any special secrets. As many will say - eat healthier and exercise more.

That's really all there was to it for me. :]

Sorry for letting this blog completely die xD

Not that much of anyone will care, but I had a fair amount of questions that I was never around to answer and a couple hundred new followers that probably were just clicking FOLLOW on every page. XD

So sorry about that!

I guess I just didn’t really get into this whole thing like I thought I might.

The upside is I did lose about 10, maybe 15 pounds since I quit coming on here. Not much compared to some but I’m much more satisfied with my figure now and that’s a good 20ish I lost from what I used to be. I suppose I’m at a fair place now.

Goodluck to everyone else still working on losing weight :)