About Me

Hello. I'm Emily. Just another person that started a weightloss blog and let it die.
I'm satisfied with my overall figure now.

Age: 20
Height: 5'9'
SW: 155 lbs
CW: 135 lbs
GW: 140 lbs
GW2: 135 lbs
UGW: Probably one of the above. I'll see when I get there.

I haven't lost a ridiculous amount but I'm finally comfortable with how I look.
There aren't any special secrets. As many will say - eat healthier and exercise more.

That's really all there was to it for me. :]

theartofdisappearing-deactivate said: Hey, I love your blog. :) I don't post my weight & stuff on tumblr, but I'm trying to lose weight too! Your blog has definitely given me motivation. Good luck!

Thanks. Glad it did for you because I have like no motivation whatsoever.

I lost it all :[

lovelysoulxo said: I'm really insecure, any advice ?

Sorry for getting back to you so late. I haven’t been on here much.

A lot of people feel that way.

What I’d say is try not to believe everything negative that you may pick out about yourself. You’re probably the only one who will feel totally that way. Instead of focusing on the things you dislike about yourself, try to find the things you do like. It seems to help a lot for me. Not to bring too much of me into this, but for example I dislike my waist. However, I love my legs and my “behind”. So instead of feeling so negative about my waist, I can feel more positive about other parts of my body.

Some people even find little notes or pep talks to help them out. That sort of thing may not be something I do but who knows what’ll work for you. For example, in the morning in the mirror they might tell themselves that they look great or something. Or have little notes on the mirror with positive messages.
Sometimes, you just don’t really need to focus so much on what people might think. Just be you. Tell the world “Here I am. You can like me or not.”
It might be hard and uncomfortable, but it isn’t impossible.

Good luck!

Aren’t DQ blizzards so great?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

indiararararaaa said: thankyou soooo much for following back!
i may not be obvious. but i am a thinspo blog :)

Sure! I figured you were because of the pictures, but either way I still would have. :]

randakatherine said: hi, i know how you're feeling with the trying to lose weight. I am tooo!
but most important thing is that you are beautiful, and don't let the number on the scale rule your whole life(:

Thank you sweetie :]

I definitely won’t let it.

lets-go-surfin-deactivated20111 said: i bet you dont need to loose weight hun. just dont stress about your looks and love life! this might sound cheesy but everyones beautiful in the inside xx

Thanks. Some people tell me I don’t. I don’t think I need too all that bad. It’s just my waist I can’t stand.
I agree with you though. Even if I had to stay this weight forever, I’d be okay with it. It doesn’t make me a bad person :D

imaginationandinspiration said: thanks for the follow back :) x

No problem. happy to meet others going for losing weight too :]